Tour Pace


If you like your holiday with plenty of time to relax, then this is the tour pace for you. Take in the sights, have a dip in the pool or unwind on the beach with a good book. This really is a holiday where you can decide exactly how relaxed or action-packed your holiday will be. It is suitable for most people in good health as it includes limited amounts of activity.

Many of our Relaxed tours are based on the beach, but some are also set in calm and serene mountains and valleys. There will be plenty of time to swim or snorkel, soak up the sunshine or take glorious strolls and breathe in the fresh mountain air.


Moderate pace tours are ideal if you want a holiday combining activities, culture, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and some time to relax and unwind. It includes a reasonable amount of walking. Therefore, in order to fully appreciate everything it has to offer it is only suitable for individuals capable of walking distances of up to 3km.

You will usually be busy for part of the day and then free to recharge and do your own thing for the rest. Many of our Moderate pace tours include time near the beach or lake, often towards the end of the tour when you most want to unwind and put your feet up.


If you like to be busy on holiday, with days full of inspiring experiences and activities, then these carefully planned tours will make the most of your time away from home: designed to pack in as much as possible, you should expect to be seeing, doing or experiencing something new every day, moving on from place to place to pack in as much as possible. There will probably be early starts, tiring days and long journeys which could be on public transport.

Even on Tough pace tours you will always find there’s some time to relax and unwind but you’ll return home feeling you’ve really experienced as much as you possibly could.

Holidays at this grade are suitable for fit people only, who can handle extended days and lengthy walks.


Our toughest tours are for travellers who like their holidays packed with activities and experiences, moving on quickly from place to place with lots of early starts and long, busy days often in isolated areas and/or at altitude. A high level of fitness is essential.

Experience various modes of transport, immerse yourself in local life and get a buzz from packing your precious holiday-time into the most action-packed trip possible, so much so that you may need a rest when you get home!

Tour Style


Our activity style tours are for both adrenalin junkies and people trying something for the first time. An activity holiday may include such things as river rafting in Bosnia, sand boarding in Morocco or it may be as gentle as a family cycling holiday. Take a winter tour and give skiing, snowboarding or even snowshoeing a whirl. This is a one or two-country trip, sometimes moving between cities and sometimes based in the same accommodation for the whole duration (refer to ‘Detailed Trip Notes’ for the tour you’re interested in).


If your idea of a holiday is to see interesting sites in more than one country, immerse yourself in the culture, try new activities and also have a bit of down time, this is your style. Travelling with a small group of like-minded independent people, these tours are packed with amazing experiences but not so over-organised that you have no time to unwind. Although there are some long travel days and included excursions as a group, at other times you will have the freedom to explore individually and at your own pace.

This tour is a great option for both the not-so-experienced, and seasoned traveler.

Depending on the tour, public transport or private transfers could be used, or even a mixture of both (please refer to ‘Trip Notes’ for the tour you’re interested in). When private transfers are used to transport the group between each hotel, it doesn’t necessarily mean transporting us to other locations/sites in between.This is usually done on foot from the hotel and will be around a 10 – 15 minute walk away.

Walking & Trekking

Whether you’re a weekend walker who enjoys rambles across the moors or a seasoned hiker getting off the beaten track and taking on Everest Base Camp, we have a trip for you. Usually accessible only by foot, all you need is a good level of fitness and determination to take part.

Booking your trip with us means that you get a certified guide accompanying you, one who is familiar with the weather, terrain and potential risks in the area. The days are often long and tiring but the sense of achievement and the people you meet along the way will stay with you forever.

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